Bernese Oberland: Day One

Having returned to Muerren late yesterday afternoon, we set out this late morning up the mountain behind the village.  Many people were there at the top, at the start, as it is where the funicular begins.  But we soon lost them as we headed on a long trail that took us through cow pastures and below barriers of slanted wood meant to keep stones, ice, and snow from descending further during an avalanche.

The dark bread from Sprungli I am eating now with Norwegian salmon, the fish delicate and bordered by dill, is delicious.

We reached Winteregg, finally, and then went down the mountain a bit to walk along the rail line that heads to Muerren.

All in all, with views constantly of Eiger, the observatory atop Jungfraujoch, and, in the distance, Monch, a day filled with deepening joy.

How better to end it than cold drafts outside of Hotel Edelweiss in view of Lauterbrunnen valley–said to have inspired Tolkien to write, “Lord of the Rings”–and then to return to the flat and see the mountains again?

Then, too, a decent Barolo and black truffle stuffed ravioli.  On the agenda, that is.

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