The Clouds Are Coming In Again

The day began with clouds obscuring the valleys and peaks and waterfalls and cliff faces, but by ten A.M. it was clear enough to begin.

We started down the mountain from Muerren, where we are based, and within the hour were in Gimmelwald, which is a village perched on a slope with farms.

From there it was downhill to Chilchbalm, where we’d gone last year, taking us through glades, a few rugged pastures, and alongside a river.  We were in the Sefinental.

Now the rains have come, hard and steady, and, yes, that was the sound of thunder just now.  Gewitter!  Wolken!  Alles dabei!

Executive decision to be made: Do I walk to the butcher and buy cheese for fondue?  Or do we have a salad, fried potatoes, and Kalbswurst?

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