Swiss Miss, Swiss Find

Just finishing up a collection of new essays by Caitlin Moran that are as funny as they are incisive, which is to say inspiring, and sipping hard cider after five hours on a ridge in the rain and cold walking from Muerren to Gruetschalp.

Yes, I know: Done that walk before, but with clouds obscuring everything (just about) it was a good option.

Last night we went to a restaurant in the village, a place I normally visit only to enjoy a draft at the end of a hike.  In fact, it was the first time I’d ever eaten a meal in Muerren outside of the flat where we stay.  The food was delicious: Good lettuce and fried perch with boiled potatoes.

This morning, speaking of food, I had the good fortune to enjoy a thick crusted, dark sunflower seed bread with butter and black cherry jam.  Easily the best bread I’ve had in a year.  By far.

The Swiss do simple things well.  Very well.  Bread, cheese, dried meats, and garden vegetables.


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