Up the Mountain, Down the Mountain

What?  Raining again?  This must be four days in a row.  It is.  But stalwart as see are, we took the cute, little train up to Kleine Scheidegg in hope of walking from there to Grund.

Only to discover that on top of that mountain it was pouring rain, sheets of rain, and cold.  So cold.

So back down to Lauterbrunnen we went.  While enjoying delicious rolls and good cheese and apricots from the Valais while on the train.

From Lauterbrunnen we walked to Stechelberg, at the end of the valley, a distance of four miles, past small farms, below cliff faces, and beside numerous waterfalls.  It was lovely.

And there we reached a small restaurant with an outdoor garden.  We had been last year, and now, twelve months later, it remained evocative.  Two cold draft beers.

Back on our feet.

Up the mountain to Muerren and a simple dinner of fried lake fish, a salad from gardens in the region, and a good Pinot Noir from…the Valais.

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