The Grand Tour

On what is to be our final day of long mountain walks prior to visiting old friends in Brienz tomorrow, the sun obliged and for the first time since July 4th, it was clear and blue.

We rode the Luftseilbahn up to Schilthorn intending fully to walk from there to Rotstockhutte, but the short stretch of bare rock was forbidding if not so scary that my heart pounded due to the vulnerability of it all.

So down we went by Luftseilbahn to Birg where we began the walk we had attempted just yesterday.

Through thick clouds and beside an alpine lake, it was lovely.  Entering a high pasture, it was time for a brief picnic, which included cheese from the milk from the cows in the farm in the valley we saw as we ate.

From there we walked over to Rotstockhutte and enjoyed pear nectar from the farm associated with the “hut” as well as apple tart hot and fresh from the oven.

It was another two and half hours down to Muerren from there and it was familiar terrain only this time we saw about sixteen ibex on a tall slope coming together and spreading out, it was magnificent.  I’d seen ibex before but never so many.  Stunning, memorable.

Then of course cold beers and pretzels on the balcony prior to a simple dinner of kalbs schnitzel, rosti, tomatoes, leeks, chanterelles, and a good Pinot Noir from the Valais.

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