One World, Two Worlds, Three Worlds, Four…

I woke up to the news of the bombing of a school in Gaza, but, thank goodness, there on Page One of the Dining section of the NY Times was Pete Wells’s review of Russ & Daughters Cafe, which I already had commented on yesterday.  You can see my comment online @ The NY Times.

Without the Jewish people, it seems that there wouldn’t be the same front page stories.

Throw in the lead story in today’s NY Times–“Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror”–and you get the gist.  (How can an “a” follow the “Q” here?  What makes the terrorists think they don’t have to use a “u” after “Q” as most of us do?)

Is there a connection between these three events?  An obvious war crime, an obvious plate of delicious salmon, an obvious move to rescue hostages that, ironically, funds the very organization that kidnaps people so that more hostages can be taken.  It seems as if it’s a spiral in each case, a repetition that for the most part leads to nowhere.  Except for the salmon, which I’ll admit puzzles me.

Meanwhile, in news that is more likely to have a daily impact, there is the lead story in today’s NY Times Business section: “Ruling Says McDonald’s Is Liable For Workers.”  Basically, this opens the door for workers to be unionized at McDonald’s, saying that a franchise is part of a corporation and that the corporation is responsible for labor practices.  As a holder of large cap funds, including McDonald’s, I applaud the move.


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