Dining In, Thanks To Purveyors

I spent $12 at EATALY a short while ago.  Three types of fresh pasta, three dinners, two people, do the math, that’s $2 p.p. per dinner.  OK, fine, add in the tomato sauce with butter and onion; the dried porcini and tomato sauce; and, the 1/2 pound of ground veal, and you get another $8.

Let’s face it: The history of poverty in Italy led to great resourcefulness in cooking.

I just read “Al Dente,” which is a fascinating history of food in Italy from long ago until today.  Briefly: Many sources of gastronomy from as far north as Germany and as far south as Africa.  The 20th century military created a national cuisine.  Vegetables and fruits figure prominently.  Basta.


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