Summer, 2014, Good Riddance!

Lots of highs and one low this summer, and the low was very low so with that in mind it is definitely time for this one to move on.  Or, as the wise turtle in Crusader Rabbit used to say, “Time for this one to come home.”

The past few days, fine, yes, it’s been a celebration of summer’s bounty: Cold tomato soup made to perfection and so fresh tasting you feel as if the tomato has just been picked–garnish with any herb, from chive to basil, drizzle with good olive oil and sprinkle with a smidge of salt, and you might as well be a ladybug feasting in the garden.

Or jerked chicken in a homemade marinade culled from Vernor, the king of jerk in NYC: Equal amounts of soy and white vinegar, fresh thyme, ginger, and onion and dried allspice and a few pods of dried red pepper and some cracked black pepper.

Or grilled swordfish with a bit of lime juice and salt.

Still, what’s left is a desire for absence, and the spool of “U Got the Look,” which keeps playing between my ears.

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