Seasonal Mix-Ups

Normally, it’s spring with its range of greens that inspires in me a concatenation of work and thoughts, but somehow and for reasons known and unknown the past eleven weeks have spurred.

Here’s the latest piece:

On Sunday I’ve a piece in the Sunday Boston Globe on Switzerland.  This past week: Gastronomica reviewed rather favorably my book, “Back of the House.”  The reviewer, a professor of social psychology at Princeton, noted at one point a comparison between the book and the writing of Orwell on restaurants.

Keeping up with a very pleasant regimen of reading two books each week, no matter how many pages, I’ve enjoyed seventeen.  Currently, I’m reading, “The Polyglots,” by William Gerhardie; I hadn’t known about this classic, which is said to have influenced Waugh and all the other English greats.  Following that it’s the new Eichmann book by Bettina Stangneth; I love the articles I’ve read about this philosophical work that peels away the rubbish laid down thick by Arendt who seems, in retrospect, to have been either listening to the music in her head during the infamous trial or gullible, which seems unlikely.

Meanwhile: Last night went to Legal Osteria, in Charlestown, with someone and his wife who of course know the place, and I’m here to tell you: It was top tier Italian.

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