Eating in East Village

The apartment is on the fourth floor, in the rear of the building, on 10th Street between Second and Third, and my, how the neighborhood has changed since I was a boy.  Why, back in the day, we’re talking 1971, which might as well be during the Civil War, which, come to think of it, was an approximation of what was happening back then, things here were falling apart, to some degree.

Fillmore East was open–it’s just around the corner–and the streets were filled with junkies, and those who looked cast off.  Nowadays, you have lovely shops and plenty that’s upscale.  Izakayas,  Japanese grocery stores, fancy-pants dumpling shops.

The street I’m on is redolent of marijuana smoke, but no dealers in sight.   That’s different, too.

And nearby, on Great Jones and also on Lafayette, are two of many restaurants worth visiting.  I had drinks last night with N at restaurant Lafayette; saw my friend the chef hanging out at the pass, and booked a table for later in the week.  Dinner at my favorite go-to Italian in the city: il Buco Alimentari.  Earlier in the day, on 13th off of First: Motorino–I’ve never had a better pizza.


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