Notes on Where to Eat & Drink in NYC

Plans are afoot to launch a portal that will guide onlookers and outsiders and others overwhelmed by the massive array of choices in Manhattan for eating and drinking. With that in mind, here is a preliminary report on the past twenty-four hours.

We begin with a visit to a charmless coffee shop on the corner of Stuyvesant and 10th streets where the guys behind the counter perform as if they have been miscast as guys making coffee and instead should be at barricades.

Lunch was a step up.  Bar Primi where the three ping-pong sized meatballs ($12) benefitted from a delicious, thick red sauce, and had great texture and density.  The spaghetti with tomato sauce, priced somewhere in the teens, was once al dente, it had to have been, but when it arrived 40 minutes into our sitting down it was soft enough for a guy with dentures to eat without complaint.  The tables next to ours all had food about twenty minutes before ours in far more plentiful portions.

For dinner it was time to head to Barchetta, over on 23rd, housed in what was once a fun, old school French place I was just at last year.  I met my friend S there for dinner, and she’s very particular and knowledgeable about food, which is a pleasure.  The crudi tasting was first rate and the pompano was the best I had ever hard with a charred, crispy skin and a moist, thick interior that had me thinking of Dover sole.

Afterwards, around 9:30, I met N at Angel Share, around the corner from the apartment I’m in.  It’s a hidden bar on Stuyvesant Street with Japanese cocktails and service and although pricey is first-rate.

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