Where to Eat on A Saturday in NYC

If you find yourself in East Village, as I did, you could go to Veselka, which has been there since time began, and feast on dumplings and food meant to help you forget about the cold and the Russians, this being a Ukrainian joint, but, me, I like Tompkins Square Bagels, as I’ve mentioned before.  A little goes a long way.  You can always change your mind: Veselka is open 24 hours.

At 10 A.M., Eataly opens its market.  The fresh pasta is the deal of the century, and I always buy lots.  1/4 pound per person translates to about $6.00 per half pound so for $24 you get four meals for two people.  That’s $3.00 a dinner plus sauces.  They have baby matsutake in this week at about $48 per pound, and for $12 you can pick up six, slice thinly, and sauté in olive oil and some herbs and add to a pasta dish.  The $12 catch yields two dinners for two people.

I’d intended to go to Lafayette for lunch, but went back to Il Buco Alimentari with a craving for pasta that was satisfied by a delicious, perfectly al dente carbonara.  The fried cod panini N had was good as well.

Why not go to Rubirosa for dinner?  On Mulberry, it has paper thin pizza, one of the best vibes in the city, and, bonus, they take reservations.  Don’t mind the tourists, they don’t bite.

After Odeon Pope, James Carter, Pharaoh Sanders, Reggie Workman, and Geri Allen @ the Blue Note, an uptown subway ride from around the corner to Rotisserie Georgette for duck cracklings, salad, duck foie, country pate, and roasted bunny.  Adults only.

After stepping off the 6 in Union Square, I made my way through careening drunks, all kids, to my place.  I’d had too much food, they’d had too much drink.

Choose your poison.

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