Great Products Now Available

Topping the list is Icelandic lamb at Whole Foods.  The stores stock the lamb once a year, and then for about two months, starting just after the rettir, the annual round-up of lamb in Iceland.  Whether it’s a bone-in leg, which at $58 feeds between 8-10 people, or the loin chops, six of which feed two people at about $15, this lamb is truly the pinnacle.  Juicy, good fat content, and deeply flavorful.  Maybe it’s feeding on salted grasses, roaming on mountain pastures, and being single breed.  Dunno.

Then there are the matsutake, chanterelles, and porcini.  You can order these, as I’ve said before, from  Well worth the expense.

Beef?  Sales have been slow over the summer for some of the big purveyors due to the price increase.  According to the USDA, a drought in 2012 (that continues), increased costs of grain and fuel, and decreased breeding has led to the increase.  That said, sales are on: DeBragga (NJ), Snake River Farms (Idaho), Lobel (NYC), Pat LaFrieda (NJ), all have great deals on prime, dry aged, and waygu style.

Local, shmokal.



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