Dining Out: Not the Usual Suspects, the Usual Suspects

Something is happening in restaurants, and I’m not referring just to This Year’s Trends.  OK, here are this year’s trends: For those with deep pockets and small waistlines, it’s wine bars with small plates, and what’s served is French, Spanish, raw, Italian, or fried.  (Fried if the joint is selling, “local,” and American stuff gussied up.)  For those on a budget: Food trucks.

But also emerging are restaurants for Adults.  Focused menus, driven by ingredients that are chiefly vegetarian and from the best sources and not just in-state.

In Boston there are now: Bar Boulud, Giulia, Pastoral, and Legal Oysteria.  All worth your time and money.

NYC has more of the places which fit into the trends noted, but we also see: Rotisserie Georgette, Il Buco Alimentari, and Batard.

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