NYC: Cause & Effect

I reached the city yesterday after a long drive on 9W above the Hudson, and parallel to the NY State Thruway, with views of deciduous forests changing color and the vaulting cliffs and low mountains above the Hudson to create a panorama of centuries of post-glacial beauty.

Once in town it was the usual crawl on the West Side Highway and then through old Village streets until I reached the apartment on Thompson.  A quick walk through the park with the dog, and then since it’s down the street: Lupa.  Dependable Lupa.  An OK vibe, but better than OK pasta.

Dinner @ Rubirosa where the couple next to our table banked on being regulars by greeting everyone at work, not ordering from the menu, etc., before descending into a ferocious and loud marital squabble.  They were merely in the early thirties.  What lies ahead?

Afterwards, Chick Corea at a table literally an inch from the stage next to a lovely dad and daughter from Argentina in NYC for the first time.  Four songs, tight set.

And what better way to start the day then by walking to Alphabet City to buy a bagel from Tompkins Square Bagel and then returning home to enjoy it with hot coffee from Porto Rico while writing for the next three hours?


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