More on Food on NYC

Black Seed Bagels: I’ve just returned from a long walk to lower Elizabeth Street, below Houston, that started here at the apartment on W. 3rd & Thompson.  Having the dog as companion meant more time was needed than usual since he attracted loads of attention and also stopped often in response to scents and other dogs.  The destination was Black Seed Bagels where I picked up a poppy seed bagel with pickled belly lox spread, alfalfa sprouts, and raw red onions.  It is delicious, but do we really need a new school bagel?  It lacked the NYC flavor of crispness followed by doughiness and the lox seemed to struggled with having been pickled.

Yesterday started at Tompkins Square bagels and while not quite hoity-toity, it was just wonderful.

Followed by a morning of four pages in my new book that I can live with, and then lunch with N at Marta, which is Danny Meyer’s newest place.  It’s inside The Martha Washington Hotel on E. 29th.  Beautiful room, killer service, and delicious, thin Roman style pizzas, but compared to Rubirosa, and I know one shouldn’t compare, not so much.  But if you find yourself in that area, by all means go, you won’t be disappointed.

More meetings.

Dinner was at Yakitori Tora, which just opened a couple of weeks ago, on Kenmare.  Might as well be in Japan: Cool jazz, great chicken (kawa!) and vegetables, delicious draft beer.  They need to work on updating the music selection to at least the 1950s, but the place has great potential, and I’ll be back.  Mind: If you’re not used to spending about $70 p.p. for chicken, be warned.  It is worth it.

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