Wings & A Prayer

“Prosperity is around the corner,” but at the moment signs point to belt tightening.  Why, in today’s NY Times alone, you have a front page story on the trend to serve chicken wings in restaurants.  Folks, I don’t eat chicken wings at home, and I’ll be gosh darned if I’m dropping eight bucks for a deep fried plate of fat, bones, and as much meat as you find on an Ortolan.

In the same section of the paper, we are provided with a recipe for pork schnitzel.  Here economizing is the impetus: Fry a piece of pork in oil.  Thanks, but no thanks.  The only pork being fried in my home is bacon, and then when it’s snowing and so bitterly cold that the dog struggles–you can see it in his face–to give voice to the thrill of being outside.

The paper goes further: A recipe for lentils, the return of boilermakers in bars, and the opening of a taco joint by Alex Stupak on St. Marks and Second.

Ironic then that the very same newspaper on Sunday devoted its magazine to pieces on how to get kids to eat right.  Reminds me of the old days when parents told us not to smoke pot as they looked at us glassy eyed after a second highball.

Me?  I’m heading for the hills, thanks for asking.  I just published my Q & A with Charles Blow in Bay State Banner, a piece on Glarus in Cheese Connoisseur, am up to page fifty in my book on the psychological resilience of NRIs, up to page one hundred on a book about families, and am in the middle of an Elsa Ferrante reading marathon.

Talk about prayers.

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