Food News in Boston: It’s All Good

Never mind the delicious and plentiful chicken wings and cocktails the size of goldfish bowls at 49 Social in the revitalized Downtown Crossing section of Boston, which on Friday night, looked like a New England version of Bourbon Street.  The very next night MAST opened: I’ll be in soon; it’s a Neapolitan style pizzeria, vast in size, focused in ambition, and probably the real thing with a huge, red tiled oven and a pizza maker I spoke with briefly in Italian as English wasn’t his thing.

More to the point, speaking of Naples, is the new pasta counter at Russo’s where a young Neapolitan told me that she is now making the pastas in house, from ravioli to fusilli to spaghetti.  It all looked wonderful, can’t wait to boil up a batch with a simple butter and onion sauce, thanks to the legacy of Marcella Hazen, the nonna I never had.

Speaking of nonna’s, I was reminded of my own when I bought, skeptically, a poppy seed bagel made by OMG and sold at Russo’s.  Holy mackerel, it ‘s the real thing!  Great crust, perfect doughy interior.  These are bagels as good as the best in NYC.


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