Countdown to Gluttony?

With just over 48 hours to go until the remaining troops of a once larger organization arrive–they are dropping like flies–the electricity in the air and the speed of vehicles on streets and highways are evidently increasing.

All that remains here to be done in terms of larder and fridge are the two birds from Jaindl in PA and a couple of loaves of bread for French toast and bacon the morning of The Big Day and club sandwiches on Black Friday.

Shouldn’t “Black Friday” be called “Good Friday” and “Good Friday” be called “Black Friday?”

Anyway, the Jaindl birds are fine.  Two 12-14 pounders from a collection of farms in Pennsylvania where, no doubt, the turkeys are read stories before bedtime, have their feet washed each day, and are fed a diet of rare, heirloom grain before handed Magic Pills that “put them to sleep” before being  “processed.”

Calls and emails have come in from several of The Six Survivors regarding offers of vegetables, and these are most welcome: Squash, turnip greens, collard greens, etc.  Add these to the Brussels sprouts and rainbow radishes and it’s a Vegan holiday, which is not the same as a Wiccan holiday, which in neither case is Thanksgiving due to the aforementioned Jaindl birds.


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