Thanksgiving Without Pain

After walking the dog on the icy streets and sidewalks, in the moderate temperatures of late Fall, taking in the sound of screeching blue jays, and thinking about why one of my credit card bills is higher than usual, whether Beckett’s laconic tone in his letters of 1960 was a sign of sadness or reflection or both, and what I want to put on page 138 of the book I’m writing, I came back home.

Boiled water for a pot of coffee made with beans from Java shipped to me from Porto Rico Coffee.  Pan fried a batch of Father’s bacon from Kentucky.  Made a half loaf of Challah French toast.

After breakfast, the plan is to remove turkeys from the fridge and air dry for two hours on the kitchen counter so as to get crispy skin.

Then make stuffing: Corn bread, chestnuts, chicken sausages, rice, celery, eggs, butter, onions.

Stuff birds.  Roast at 450F in pre-heated oven for 390 minutes.  Lower heat to 300F and roast for a few hours.  Remove,  rest birds.  Slice.  Add some white truffle butter.  Serve.

Sides: Brussels sprouts slow roasted and served with chopped walnuts.  Sauerkraut.  Boiled rainbow beets with ricotta.  Roasted squash.  Turnip greens and onions.  Pearl onions.  Cranberry sauce old school, and cranberry school chutney.

Pies: Pumpkin, apple, pecan.

It’s got to be the easiest holiday to cook for in the world: No rules, no rituals, no diagrams, no recipes.  A hot oven and a hot stovetop.




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