Black Friday Rituals

It’s always a good idea to start with a homespun club sandwich made with challah toast, a couple of slices of bacon (this batch from Allan Benton in Tennessee), and thick pieces of turkey.  The rest of the culinary day is probably downhill although I see pecan pie in my future.

Yesterday was a gastronomical success: The turkey had crispy skin from having been air dried on a counter for two hours before roasting–thanks to Martha Stewart’s advice.  It was moist because I basted it periodically with miso butter.  We skipped the Brussels sprouts as the sides were plentiful: Turnip greens, traditional cranberry sauce, cranberry chutney, squash, and rainbow beets.

To pass the time, I wrote a little essay:  A family saga, in its way, compared to the Sopranos compared to families on holidays (by implication).



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