Holiday Madness

I think it starts with Halloween, which has become the July 4th of the Fall season, what with alcohol consumption, pretense, and a uniquely U.S. take on celebration.  It continues with Thanksgiving and now here we are a mere 22 shopping days left until Christmas and then the New Year.

Thank goodness for the Internet.  I haven’t been in a retail store, outside of fish and fruit and cheese and vegetables, in years.

I just ordered a slew of presents yesterday, including Bella Viva dried fruits and nuts, and soon we’ll see beef, duck, and who knows what else on the table.

No point in revealing all that at this time.

How people stay in physical and mental shape at this time, especially, is a wonder.  I suppose shopping, if you have the cash or credit, is one way, but exercise, some form of meditative experience, and reading are others.

Speaking of reading, the current Times Literary Supplement has their annual “Best Books” number out in which they post replies from famous writers they’ve interviewed about the best books they read over the past year.  Worth a look.

Me, I’m holing up and trying to maintain the stamina to enjoy what’s on my list: Finishing the third volume of Beckett this week, and about to start new novels by Carmen Boullosa and Murakami (“The Strange Library”), as well as, “Joe Gould’s Secret,” by Joseph Mitchell.

That ought to help.

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