Behind Closed Doors

The Guardian reports this morning that Chef Cesar Ramirez, the chef of The Chef’s Table in Brooklyn, a *** Michelin restaurant, is being charged in a class action suit by several former employees of racism towards Asian customers.

Will the Michelin inspectors raise eyebrows?  This clears up one matter, sort of, though it’s for the courts to decide: The inspectors are probably not Asian.

The suit alleges that Chef Ramirez, a man known for volatility evident in his demanding that customers not take notes nor photos of his food, served Asians the “worst cuts” of meat and requested that they be seated as far away from him at the chef’s counter as possible.

One certainly hopes that the allegations are false, and that the chef, who is reportedly, “saddened,” by them, comes out of this unscathed.

According to the suit: “When a large piece of meat was cut into many pieces for the guests, Defendant Ramirez instructed Ms. Howard to give the worst pieces of meat to the ‘s- -t people,’ i.e. Asian people, and to Upper West Siders,” the suit states.

When an Asian patron was once placed close to Ramirez during one of his culinary cabarets, the chef boiled over with rage at Howard, who is Asian, the document states.

“On one occasion, Ms. Howard ‘violated’ Defendant Ramirez’s discriminatory rule by seating Asian individuals close to his spot at the center of kitchen counter,” the suit states.

“In response, Defendant Ramirez subjected Ms. Howard to a wild verbal tirade.”

“Mr. Ramirez from then on took control of the seating, so that he could ensure that no Asians be sat next to his place.”



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