Christmas Eve!

The highways will empty soon, as will the supermarkets, and houses will fill up with relatives, friends, and the occasional stranger.  Our tree went up on Sunday–a big, rotund one–and there’s a smattering of gifts at its base.

I managed again to avoid going into a single retail store this year, other than for victuals, and the Internet can be credited for help with presents.

But isn’t the holiday and this time of year more than about gift giving?

Why, of course.

Enjoying long and delicious meals, thinking of loved ones who are no longer physically present, being thankful for what we have, anticipating generously what might be in the future. Sort of the way it should be all year.  Think Preston Sturgis’s, “Christmas in July.”

Here it’s oysters, hake, beef, lamb, white truffles, and who knows what else?

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