Another day, Another Yen

After a short run on a Sunday morning, and a lovely breakfast, it was time to take the JR two stops to Tokyo station.  Yuko and Takeshi for lunch around the corner in a hidden passageway at a good restaurant that uses its farms to provide food: Curried beef, miso and vegetable soup, rice, salad.

We caught up.  A new baby born on Christmas Day.  A husband who is thinking of opening a restaurant in Milan.  Plans to meet up again in February.

From Maranouchi it’s a short walk to Ginza where Sunday crowds, taking advantage of streets that are turned into pedestrian only zones on that day, milled about.  I went to the stationary store where I have an account, and found huge crowds eager to do exactly what I was doing: new appointment books for a new year.  Japan is still a culture that along with tech loves old school, tactile paper.

After naps, drinks in the 28th floor lounge of the Conrad, with stunning views of the harbor, and then back to Maranouchi for unagi at Maekawa.  Truly the best eel I’ve ever had: Juicy, thick, well spiced.


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