72 Hours in Kyoto

Kyoto is so pleasant, so varied, so accessible, and so open that a few days here yield delights readily.

Yesterday, for example, I visited a brewery in the southern district of the city.  A sake brewery that has added the manufacture of beer to its repertoire, the company produces small batches of micro-brewed beer from hops and malt imported from Germany and Canada.  The results are delicious.  Visitors are welcome.   Kizakura.

Later in the day we walked to a favorite, old soba shop in the center of town, hidden in an alley, where for $12 one has bowls of good broth, fresh noodles, and a choice of duck, prawns, fried tofu, or yam: Misoka-an Kawamichi-ya.

A bath in a big, sunken tub, a nap, cocktails at Touzan, and then back to Gion.

Obanzai is a winter stew specific to Kyoto, and we enjoyed a version in a hole-in-the-wall: Yasukawa.  No sign, sliding door.

This late morning we board the train back to Tokyo.

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