The Hunger Gains

How many small pizzas, half anchovy and half sausage, with fresh mozzarella, can one person eat before surrendering?  Look, I’m not saying the pies from Armando’s and T. Anthony’s aren’t delicious–they are–but I’m hungry for more.  Who isn’t?

And I don’t mean burgers, wings, fried anything, offal, or tacos.  Sometimes Boston seems like one humongous college campus.

On a positive note, not eating out, not wanting to given what’s out there, means I stay in a lot and write.  This just in: Gastronomica, the country’s preeminent food journal, is publishing my piece in May:

Hashiri, Sakari, Nagori: Towards Understanding the Psychology, Ideology, and Branding of Seasonality in Japanese Gastronomy”


It’s a radical take on Japanese food and ideology, and while it was meant at one time to soothe, now it’s scalding in parts.

So maybe the limitations of the food in this town have a purpose, and maybe the humongous campus is really true: Like many in Boston, I tend to stay at home more often than not, reading and writing.  And what better relief from that than a sausage and anchovy pie?

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