The Signs are There

Did you now that one sign of emotional distress or incipient mental illness is an individual’s comfort with sustaining and expressing rage?  It’s true.  No matter how much hot and sour soup you enjoy, that rage obviates matters.  Wood ear fungus or no wood ear fungus.

Yesterday I watched David Chang on a You Tube video show viewers how to make chicken stock for Chinese soup and noodles.  Easy and delicious.  He acts enraged, Chef Chang, but he’s not.

Closer to home, it’s Modiano’s short novels, pea soup with chicken sausages, and spaghetti with tomato sauce of butter and onions that cooked over slow heat for three hours.

You can have all the fancy pants recipes, I’ll stick to basics.  Interestingly, Chang said that the soup is, “Just about the only thing I cook at home.”

But say you meet up with that person who feels alive with the rage and dead without it.  Do you serve them soup?

No, you do not.

Kitchen is closed.

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