Going Out, Staying In

It’s something like ten degrees F outside, and, sure, I’m used to it, I’m hardy, I’m perennial, winter comes, winter goes.  You want to talk about what?  The weather?  Not here, pal, not by a long shot.

In order to waylay the debilitating effects of the cold and dark, a necessary period in this forsaken part of the world where hibernation is necessary, the city I call home has arrived at numerous activities.

When it comes to food, your best bet around here is to go to one of several good bakeries.

Hi-Rise has declined so much in the past year that it’s off my list: The prices shot up, the quality went down, the staff acts as if they are doing you a huge favor by taking a break from the novel they are writing.

The two bakeries that are pretty wonderful instead are Clear Flour and Flour. Unrelated.

At Clear Flour, you enter a tiny vestibule and face racks of freshly baked breads, sweets, and breakfast items.  There’s a German bent to what’s baked here, and I’m never disappointed.

Flour isn’t close to being as good re breads, but the vibe in its cafes is nonpareil. Delicious sandwiches, kind counter people, and good soups.

You know what’s nice?  Really nice?  I’ll tell you.  Make a pot of soup at home: Split pea, white bean, miso, etc.  Take that bread I mentioned, and dip it into the soup.  Pick up the Modiano novel about loss.

Feeling better?




7 thoughts on “Going Out, Staying In

  1. You might want to re-visit Hi-Rise. They just installed a new bread oven. The bread has been fantastic. They’ve also revamped their pastry department — adding a former Clear Flour baker, by the way. Personally I think the quality is fantastic. Oh, and I also LOVE Iggy’s pizza!

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