The Annual Duck of the Blizzard Festival

Back in the day, on days when we had winter storms coursing through, we’d invite over a few neighbors, parents of friends of our son, to have dinner with us.  The dinners were invariably roasted duck, done slowly, and the taste was as good as the aroma that filled the house.

What you do, see, is crank up the oven to 400 F and rest a good duck on a small metal rack so that the fat drips off.  You keep the bird at that heat for twenty minutes and then remove it.  Lower the heat to 200 F–that’s right, 200 F–and put the duck back in the oven for the next six or seven hours.

We’re talking juicy meat and crispy skin.  And, hey, we’re among friends, so why be strict?  You want hoisin to dip the bird into?  Sure.

Today is another one of those stormy events, and my Rohan duck, shipped up from D’Artaganan, is in the fridge and soon it’ll be in the oven.

Did I mention lots of salt and pepper?  Lots of salt and pepper.

And, fine, go old school if you want: Make a nice, simple, buttery orange sauce.  That’s up to you.


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