Winter in New England

We dug ourselves out by three in the afternoon.  Neighbors appeared with shovels, too.  The dogs ran free on the streets that were free of cars.

The morning had started with poppy seed French toast Challah, Father’s Kentucky honey glazed bacon, and fresh squeezed blood orange juice.  Lunch was miso soup from scratch with buckwheat soba noodles and agedashi tofu.  Dinner was a Rohan duck slow roasted for about seven hours as well as Brussels sprouts and radicchio and fennel salad in rice wine vinegar and sesame oil.  Hoisin on the side for the duck.  Julie stopped by with chocolate mousse: Utterly delicious.

The quiet and plenitude made for fine conditions to free the mind.  I finished, at 263 pages, a solid draft of my next book, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting Family of the Year.”  If Celine and Waugh had a baby…

And slogging through Hilary Mantel’s epic costume drama, “Bring Up the Bodies.”

In the wings: What will have to eat on Super Bowl Sunday?  Wings?  Ribs?  Chili?  Take out Chinese?


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