Where To Eat

I had Roy Hargrove tickets last week and tired of cooking every night thought to head to Harvard Square before the show for drinks and dinner.  Park, in the Square, is a terrific, sunken bar with low ceilings, stiff drinks, and bartenders with a pleasant, sophisticated vibe.  The brands of spirits sold here are first rate; where else can you get a Raj gin martini for $12?  The gin is from Scotland, and it’s the best there is, none better and few as good.  Or head to the rye, as I did, unlike my companion, where you find many that you cannot get elsewhere.

Across the street from Park is the new Night Market–it was my second visit, and the pan-Asian food is really extraordinary.  Small plates to be shared.  We started with mushroom gyoza, soft tofu with fried garlic, and grilled shishito peppers and concluded with grilled chicken, yakitori style on sticks, and the restaurant’s version of Dan Dan noodles.  $48 for two, can’t beat it, and that includes a beer and tip.

Fine, we were still hungry after hearing Hargrove blow away the stage so it was back to the Square to the one restaurant Zuckerberg says he misses in Cambridge: The always reliable Pinocchio’s.   A couple of slices to go, and we went.

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