All Things Japanese

For such a small, isolated nation, Japan certainly has an enormously disproportionate impact on world events.  Whether it’s the use of Zen to cope with life’s tragedies, food that is so seasonal as to be seemingly imagined, adumbrations that have greater depth than the objects casting shadows, imperial actions that raise questions of ideology and cruelty, or the hybridization of western and eastern cultures.

And that’s just this morning.

I can’t think of a place more complex and challenging.  Its contradictions are fascinating.  I love the quiet and the aesthetic.

So I’m back there next week.  After getting back just a few weeks ago.  All I need to do now is learn more Japanese.

I’ll be writing about cheeses, beer, and the city of Kyoto.

But most of all there is this, hope to see you there:

Join René in supporting KYOTOGRAPHIE

Please join René Redzepi in helping to support the KYOTOGRAPHIEInternational Photography Festival by participating in a special fundraising dinner at the Hyatt Regency Kyoto on the 17th of February. The events of the evening include a discussion with René Redzepi, cuisine by Hyatt’s Executive Chef Etienne Truter, and music from KYOTO JA TRIO and Shuya Okino from KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE.

René’s discussion will feature insight into his creative process, his search for inspiration, and the influences that brought him and the Noma team to Japan. The evening will also feature a sneak preview of footage from the documentary currently in production about Noma’s Tokyo residency. The discussion with René will be moderated by acclaimed food writer and television host, Scott Haas. The evening will also feature an auction with special package deals for Noma in Copenhagen, including kitchen tours and behind the scenes access.


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