Back in Tokyo!

Wasn’t I just here?

I returned to Tokyo just about an hour ago.  The long flight from JFK was uneventful.  I got whacked on the head by a man and his wife in the row behind me, as they got up to use the rest room, which woke me from a deep, needed sleep.  Then they spoke loudly for most of the flight.  In the aisle directly across from where I was seated, two young women, high school or just having started college, sang and spoke louder than the couple I mentioned.  But we landed safely.

High winds now from the 32nd floor of Mandarin Oriental where I am spending the night.  Very dramatic, very lovely.  This is my third stay here.

Hot shower, pleasant shave.

Soon it will be time to meet R and H for yakitori and cold draft beer at Tokyo Station, which is within walking distance.

Tomorrow I fly with the NOMA crew to Kyoto.


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