Noma, Chef Redzepi, Kyoto

Last night a huge event took place in Kyoto at Hyatt Regency when Rene Redzepi, Chef of NOMA, introduced a, “Coming Attractions,” spool of film that documents his Big Adventure in Japan, followed by a Q & A I did with him onstage before 120 Japanese dignitaries.

The teaser film clips herald what will be a Warner Brothers movie that is going to rival and then surpass the most recent Japanese movie about film, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” because the passion, humor, and improvisation are frankly astonishing and eye opening. New ways of thinking.

The questions I asked Rene were inspired by the film teaser.  Although we were limited by the ten minutes allotted, the audience and I heard detailed answers to these four questions:

How did your aesthetic and way of cooking change through your experience in Japan starting with your first visit to Kyoto a few years ago?

What do you mean when you say that something tastes Japanese?

What are some ingredients of Japan you enjoy especially?

Through change in your cuisine through contact with Japanese gastronomy, is it unrealistic to think of a global vision that breaks down national barriers and creates more peace and love?



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