Back in the USA

The eleven hour flight on ANA from Narita to JFK flew by.  It felt more like eight or nine hours.

As the carrier is Japanese, most passengers were as well, which meant that it was quiet enough to sleep a lot of the way.  The seats reclined in Economy, the attendants were pleasant, and with spice I carried with me from Japan, the food was fine.  I read Kawabata and edited my new book.  I fell into a deep sleep about thirty minutes before landing.

I’m now in the US Airways lounge in transit to Boston.  The flight is in two hours.  The noise everywhere is louder than the past two days.  In the lounge are apples, oranges, coffee, tea, water, and two kinds of bagels, raisin and plain.

People speak loudly into cell phones without regard for others around them: “Hey, Bruce.  That thing.  That thing last week.  One of the values must be low somewhere. It’s no problem, but I just thought someone should see about it.  OK, not a problem.  I just thought someone should look into it, etc.”

This feels like eleven hours.

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