Culture Shock? Culture integration?

Contradictions aren’t really contradictions, there’s no science or nature to suggest that events which seem to be at odds with one another are really at odds.  It could very well be that it’s the anecdotal experience or perception which makes for discordance.  In other words: Things actually fit together.  There is affiliation between what appear to be opposites.

Pragmatically, we’re talking about:

A thin slice of fried tofu I brought back from my friend Mika’s favorite tofu “factory,” in Kyoto–the factory is a hole-in-a-wall beside the Kamo river.  She recommended I place it on a hot skillet to crisp it.  She was right.  Served up with a tiny dish of soy and powdered spices, including powdered yuzu, and sake from Niigata.  In front of a blazing fire.

A large fresh mozzarella pie, half sausage, with a cold Lagunitas “Little Sumpin,'” so strong and bitter I could only finish half a glass.

And, finally, dried Blenheim’s with chocolate squares from Japan chased by a sip of Nikka Yoichi 15 year old–has to be the best whisky I have ever tasted.

Am I in Japan?  New England?  Italy?  Home?  Visiting?


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