Three Square Meals

Back in the day, I loved eating breakfast out, it was the one meal I could afford as a student and later as a new employee.  Bottomless cup of hot coffee, two eggs sunny-side up, a side of crispy bacon, whole wheat or rye toast.  I don’t think I’ve been out for breakfast in decades.

Dinner soon made more sense: With little kids, it was fortunate and good to step out a couple of times a month for what I thought of as a fancy French dinner.  In retrospect, those dinners were chiefly service-driven: We were being taken care of after taking care of children, and the food?  It didn’t matter much, and although it tasted good at the time, it wasn’t very good.  It just wasn’t.

Nowadays I’m on to lunch.  I don’t get out much when I’m home: It’s work in clinics and hospitals, the gym, the dog, and the kitchen.  Most of the time I’m writing or reading.

So it’s good to have a break mid-day.

Yesterday was a first-rate chicken pam sub at J. Pace & Sons in Saugus.  The past few weeks have seen soup and a sandwich at Flour.  Noodles at Santouka.  A slice or two from T. Anthony’s.  I hear Night Market is open now for lunch Thursdays and Friday.

It’s a nice concordance: Lunch is what Boston excels at.  Good, simple, inexpensive food.

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