“Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting Family of the Year”

My new book is out the door, in the hands of my agent, and if it knocks on your door, let it in.  I promise: once you start reading, the dishes will pile up, the emails won’t be answered, the phone will ring and ring and ring.

With the book out, searching for an editor who wants to feed and be fed by it, that leaves me free to finish up pieces on eating in Kyoto and being “backstage” with Chef Rene Redzepi and his crew and families of NOMA while visiting Japan.

Between writing I’m waiting for some more dramatic signs of spring beyond one day of higher temperatures, a few dazed robins, one befuddled bunny, melting snowbanks, March Madness, and morels shipped from Oregon.

Wait: I’ll take the morels.

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