What Chefs Talk About

I just finished writing up a long piece about a very famous chef who visits a very famous city.  I sent the piece to a magazine that wanted it, and now we have entered negotiations.  The editor had thought that chefs, this one in particular, talk about food.  But they don’t, and he didn’t.

The big chefs I’ve met and spent barrels of time with talk to me about their families, the difficulty of making a living, staying in business, staying in shape, keeping a staff for years, how to stay both current as well as loyal to traditions of service and prep, and the challenge of expanding their presence globally while maintaining the brand.

Sort of like most people: Trying to be loved, stay loved, be healthy, stay healthy, and plan and hope for the future.

It’s a lot like what musicians write about.  In the memoirs I read the past couple of years–Hancock, Richards, (George) Clinton, Osborne, et. al., music factors in, but what the authors note most of all is the enormity of the task of the work, and how that focus erodes relationships in their marriages and friendships.

Same with chefs.  It’s not about the food.

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