What Lies Ahead

I’ve wrapped up the six stories on Japan from recent trips in January and February, sent my new book out to my agent, and am about to return to developing narratives for the eighteen interviews I did with prominent Indian-Americans for my book on that subject.  Both books ought to be published next year.

Meanwhile, just this morning, the four blood oranges I squeezed for juice yielded about three ounces.  Why is that OK?

Up ahead: Bar Boulud in Boston.  The restaurant opened in the Fall of 2014, and I want to get in as often as possible before it closes shop.  You can get a table there most any night within a day or two of trying and while it’s clear that the food and service are the best this city has ever seen, no joke, it won’t last.

It will join Market, Rocca, Om, and others the names of which don’t come to mind.

It’s unfortunate that restaurants with well-defined, small menus that focus on small plates of high-end ingredients just don’t make it in Boston.

On a positive note, this means more time at home getting work done.

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