Sakura Hana?

Snowflakes are falling and it’s quiet outside.  Earlier this week, I heard European starlings, robins, cardinals, and sparrows.  Today?  The birds are probably huddling in their nests.

The only cherry blossoms are several thin branches in a tall, glass vase on the kitchen countertop.

I tried to jumpstart Spring by ordering a couple of pounds of blond morels.  They arrived from Oregon and I’m using them over five dinners.  Then I ordered two pounds each of European turbot and Dover sole shipped from Browne Trading in Portland, Maine.  That will be good for eight dinners.

But it’s still wintry.

On a positive note, I received the uncorrected proofs of my upcoming piece with the University of California Press:

Hashiri, Sakari, Nagori:

Toward Understanding the Psychology, Ideology, and Branding of Seasonality in Japanese Gastronomy


On an even more positive note, my new book, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting Family of the Year,” is out with an agent-to-be.

Now if the weather would cooperate…

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