One Thing Leads To Another

I built what I think will be the last fire of a long series of what amounted to three seasons, beginning in October, and with snow on the ground and a dead cardinal and a dead robin spotted over the past few days, it’s time for something new.

Let’s hope.

The food still arrives from greenhouses as well as from countries where labor is cheap enough to create profit for producers who provide us with cheap food.  Did you know that, on average, employed folks in industrialized nations spend about only 8% of their wages on food?  That’s compared to about 30% prior to 1950.

Well, not all folks.  Although that seems as if that’s about to change with yesterday’s announcement that McDonald’s is raising wages to $10+ at its 1500 outlets in the U.S.

Caveat: The new benefits, according to The New York Times, will affect 90,000 employees, but it “does not affect the 750,000 employees who work for the more than 3,100 franchisees that operate roughly 12,500 McDonald’s restaurants around the country.”

But it’s a huge change and it will reverberate across the industry.

Maybe it is a new season after all.

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