NYC Dining Update

Let’s just get the names out of the way: Lupa, Yakitori Totto, Zucker’s, Lincoln, Rotisserie Georgette, Pegu Club, il buco di Alimentari, Rubirosa, & Locanda Verde.

All delightful, all but Pegu Club and Lincoln familiar.

We’re talking first rate pastas, braised artichokes, eggplant parmigiano, cured meats, the best pizza in NYC, and an oxtail soup that was first rate.

Is there a better way to spend Easter morning than over pizza at Rubirosa?  I didn’t think so.

And Pegu Club?  Great drinks in a hidden bar.

Locanda?  Better than ever.  Less salt, better service.  Did it help to go late on a Sunday night?  Probably.

Lupa: Pleasant, reliable lunch.

All in all, good food.


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