Out in Boston, Again!

One of the many things that attracted me to Boston when I first moved here many years ago was its scale: It’s a manageable city, a great place to walk, and the size and range of its buildings are small and varied enough to evoke surprise and pleasure.

It’s also a place, I found at first, where people tended to talk about stuff and read about things rather than seek what’s a trend or current.

Last night it was a walk from Downtown Crossing and through impoverished Chinatown to the South End.  Beautiful, new condos crowd out homeless shelters, old bars, cheap convenience stores, and families.

Coppa was the destination: It was my third visit, and the best yet.  It’s a corner restaurant with a nod to Italian cooking, which means here pastas and pizzas and cured meats.  The room was wonderfully lively with a mix of locals, new residents, and visitors spending time with the first two groups.

The appetizers of meatballs and asparagus were very good and so was the branzino.  The pasta was overcooked and over sauced.  The bill was $118 for two, which included two appetizers, one entree, one pasta, one cocktail, two glasses of wine, tax and tip.

Overall, what we’re talking about is food, service, and atmosphere that are a cut above most restaurants of this kind in Boston, but nowhere near as good as restaurants of this kind in other cities.

A great choice before hearing Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea down the street @ the BSO.

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