The Weekend is Over, the Week Begins

Every day brings new sights in the neighborhood, from more screeching blue jays to tiny green buds on the birches.  When you walk a dog five to six times each day, as I do, it’s natural to take things in.

Indoors, the menus change, too.  Fish, fish, and more fish.  Cracked open the Buick-sized grill last week, and last night grilled 1/2 pound of sword.  First you roll it in a smidge of canola oil, then roll it in bread crumbs.  Wait until the coals are gray.  Grill seven minutes on one side, nine on the other.  Mind, the length of time depends of course on how thick your cut is.  Yes, it’s pure, old school Sicilian, my nonna Sylvia would be proud.

Grazie Sylvia!

Meanwhile in a cast iron frying pan put in about four tablespoons of top grade olive oil.  I use Stone House from CA.  Low heat.  Add some pine nuts and capers.  Add a few asparagus cut into inch long pieces.  Crank up the heat.  Lower the heat.

Remove fish from grill.  In a bowl, mix some lemon juice and mirin.

Crank up heat.  Add a handful of chopped ramps.  Stir.  Plate.  Put fish on top of vegetables and pine nuts.  Pour the mirin-lemon juice mix on the fish.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Beats eating out.

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