Saturday Night!

I checked the listings, and maybe it’s people gearing up for May or June, but there wasn’t much happening of interest in NYC or Boston so I decided to stay in.  First, I drove over to the Queens of Boston, which is a lively and wonderful stretch of road between North Beacon and Comm. Ave. in Allston.

It’s there and around there that you’ll find just over a dozen Chinese, Korean, and Japanese restaurants and cafes.  Sakanaya, which is a fish store, sells first rate sashimi; the owner used to work at Tsukiji.  Bon Bon is a terrific outpost of a Korean fried chicken company.  Jo Jo Tapei is a very good Taiwanese restaurant.  And recently Totto Ramen came to the city from NYC.

But I was in the mood for BBQ.

You can’t do any better than Soul Fire. $17 gets you half a rack of juicy, perfectly marinated and slow cooked pork ribs with two sides.  Delicious baked beans and coleslaw, fresh as can be.

I drove home, was able to find a movie, and sat down with dinner.  “Desperately Seeking Susan,” which I hadn’t seen since it first came out in the mid-1980’s is terrific.  Madonna was the embodiment of a new type of woman, and NYC looked nothing like it does today.  The movie showed a woman who was feminine, fearless, and independent.  It depicted a city where performers who had day jobs on delivery bicycles had loft apartments in Murray Hill with views of the Empire State Building.

Now the action is elsewhere: Brooklyn, Queens.

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