In Search of Food

I’ve been driving around town the past couple of days, through lovely and lively neighborhoods, in search of something to eat, and it hasn’t exactly been that successful an endeavor.  I walked into and out of a number of shops and stores without buying a thing.

I did get very lucky with Pepe Beppe.  It’s a new Italian-American grocery store that also serves sandwiches, and it’s located in Davis Square, Somerville.  I got in yesterday.  I’d driven there Sunday, but they had closed at 5 P.M. and I was there at six.  I returned on Monday, but they are closed Monday.  Hey, folks, it’s retail, and retail, at least here in the U.S.?  Retail stays open AMAP (as much as possible).

What I got yesterday was very good.  The bread is first-rate: As good as Sullivan Street Bakery in Hell’s Kitchen.  The chicken cutlet was juicy and breaded perfectly and had just the right # of salt.  The slice of pizza: OK, not great; the dough was too think and the pepperoni was not top quality.

The staff at Pepe Beppe is lively, pleasant, and engaging.  One guy, he and I talked about the C’s getting swept: “All heart.”  And you could say the same thing about this place.  The retail prices on imported ingredients ought to be lower, the ricotta from New Haven shouldn’t be 30% higher than other competitors, and it would be nice to see the very best in cured meats.

But for now: This is a store that deserves your money and interest.  It’s light years better than most retail food stores in Boston.  The food looks good and tastes good.  You will find things to eat.

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