High Food Prices

I’ve been out and about more often than usual, due to being stymied by progress on my book on India as well as a sense of delight from immersion in the blossoming trees, and that means a long look at food and its costs.

I really wanted to like Bagelsaurus.  It opened in Porter Square within the last year.  Bought a poppy bagel and a pretzel bagel, and they were good.  Not close to being bagels, but good bread.  And at $25 a dozen?  This is what happens when there’s not enough competition.  Black Seed on Elizabeth Street is $15 a dozen.  And David’s, Zucker’s, etc.?  $15 to $18. Bonus: They all sell bagels and not good bread.

Later I went looking for white asparagus.  Not the real and fancy stuff from Europe.  Just ordinary greenhouse asparagus from Peru.  The stuff you can get year round.  Russo’s: $3.99 a pound.  Formaggio Kitchen: $14.99 a pound.  Same asparagus, no joke.

Finally, I stopped at Flour, the Central Square branch.  No better vibe in town.  Brilliant business plan: Long wooden tables, breads, coffee, and $9 later you have a plate of salad and an OK quiche of kale and sausage.  I won’t have the quiche again: Soggy, no crust, but pleasant.  Should food be pleasant?


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