Monday in May

I was up at just past 5:30 A.M. and caught glimpses of the sun rise on the first walk with the dog of the day.  The second walk looms big.  It’s that time of year when the light and warmth contribute to a physical restlessness.  Things are stirring.

Speaking of things stirring: Today’s lead story in the NY Times is about a study co-authored by Raj Chetty.  Raj is an economist at Harvard, in his early thirties, and kind of a genius.  I got to interview him a few weeks ago for my book about India.  The article discusses the powerful and statistically based finding that where one grows up has a huge impact on how much one earns in adulthood.

That book, the one I’m writing, moves along slowly.  It’s due with my editor in about seven weeks.  Interviews are done except for one or two, ten have been written up, and thirteen or so remain.  The challenges are many, not the least of which is creating a narrative.

Meanwhile my article on the ideology of Japanese cuisine is out this week in Gastronomica (University of California).  There’s no intrinsic value to the taste nor preparation of the food there, but something about the branding creates mythic notions.


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